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Practical Applications For Increased Marketing Effectiveness - Creating a New Marketing Metric for Engagement

As marketing vehicles explode and consumers become proactive in filtering out messages, there is a need to understand how to engage them at an emotional level with the right personalized message delivered through the right vehicle. Advertisers are calling for a new metric to measure the effectiveness of their marketing investments across the expanding diversity of media choices.

Market Evaluer can measure the engagement of a person with the message by measuring the alignment of the message with the values of the target groups. Our proprietary research has also shown that trust in the delivery vehicle is key to eliciting changes in the behavior. For each place on the Market Evaluer Values Spectrum, potential marketing vehicles are ranked based on the values and world view of the people included at that point on the Spectrum resulting in the ability to choose the most trusted marketing vehicle for the target group.

By measuring engagement and trust, global comparisons across all touch points between a customer and a brand/product/service can be made resulting in a defensible measure of ROI and effectiveness of marketing investments.

Market Evaluer Metric = Reach X Frequency X Engagement X Trust