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What We Do - Market Evaluer gives the insight to explain why people make the decisions they do.  Market Evaluer can apply this knowledge to your business issues resulting in increased effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing investments.

Market Evaluer has assembled an experienced team of consumer marketing, research, cultural and CEO-level business executives who have integrated the academic theories with practical implications that provide a new methodology to help companies:

Better develop and connect with consumers in an increasingly complex world
Understand how to market more efficiently and effectively
Understand cultural similarities and differences as they enter new countries to develop business.

Market Evaluer has a unique methodology that can explain why consumers make their decisions based on consumers' values and beliefs and how their values may affect the choices they make.

Market Evaluer uses a questionnaire approach which elicits both the conscious and unconscious values of individuals and groups. Based on methodologies validated in ten languages with over 300,000 interviews over 30 years, Market Evaluer has the capability to measure the emotional drivers of behavior and decision-making. Market Evaluer's methodology has been validated by the American Psychological Society and was presented for the first time for marketing applications at the ESOMAR Congress 2005 in Cannes, France and at the 2006 ARF Annual Conference.

Market Evaluer has a variety of products and services available to meet the individual client needs. Our standard products can report consumer values for a specified group or population, for a single country or even compare the values across more than 100 countries and explain how this affects their attitudes and behaviors. Market Evaluer is a client-focused organization with the ability to customize research outputs to ensure the each client receives the exact insight that will drive practical business solutions.