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WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT - Market Evaluer tells you what people are really thinking

30 Years of Validated Academic Research on conscious and unconscious decision making applied for the first time in marketing applications. Validated by the American Psychological Society and presented at ESOMAR 2005 and the ARF 2006.

Dynamic and Predictive vs. Lagging Measures. Market Evaluer is able to predict likely future behavior based on the internal connections between values and behavior, including how they change over time, rather than using past behavior to predict the future.

A Deep Understanding of What Drives Cultural Trends which are the measure of the pulse of a population.

Single Source Study that connects consumer values to product usage and media consumption, creating practical application of consumer insights to marketing results.

Incorporating Cultural Expertise. Market Evaluer incorporates "on the ground" cultural experts to provide practical implications for the research results providing context of fundamental behavior drivers and transient trends.

The Measurable vs. Intangible. Market Evaluer makes explicit and directly measures the conscious and unconscious values. Most prior marketing research has used descriptive language to define perceptions of values or has attempted to extrapolate "values" from observed behaviors.

A Focus on Client Needs. Market Evaluer is exclusively focused on superior understanding of how consumer values influence behavior and delivers client-focused consulting by senior experts to turn the learnings into practical business solutions.