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Practical Applications For Communication Planning - Placement of marketing messages in high affinity media environments enhances effectiveness

As the media becomes the message, it is critical that the message and its delivery vehicle are planned in an integrated way. However, with the creation of separate creative and media agencies in the late 1990's, the processes and skills to do integrated communication planning have declined.

Market Evaluer has developed a communications planning system that breaks through this divide and brings together a measurement of the message with an understanding of the way people receive and evaluate messages.

Market Evaluer has found that messaging received from a source that people trust is more likely to drive engagement and positive action. Further, consumers' believe that it is a more personalized message when surrounded by programming or an environment which fits into the context of their life. This results in increased affinity for the brand and a higher claimed propensity to purchase.

By measuring the level of alignment between the values that drive the conscious and unconscious drivers of a person's decision making with the values represented by the message and the marketing vehicle, Market Evaluer can provide a critical input to the communication planning process. This insight offers the opportunity to connect your messaging to the drivers of consumers' decision making resulting in brand experience that can change consumer attitudes and behavior. When consumer attitudes are changed, not only is propensity to purchase increased but there is a measurable increase in word of mouth media for your brand/product.