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The Values Spectrum - Each of us displays at any given time a behavior or set of behaviors.   This is driven by our attitude(s) at that given time.   Our attitudes are driven by a set of beliefs about ourselves and our lives.   These beliefs are molded by our values.

Research has shown that, at best, we are only capable of recognizing and describing 20% of our values. The remaining 80% of our values are unconscious but ultimately still drive our behavior.

At any one time we are living according to 10 – 15 very specific values. Because the majority of our values are unconscious, individuals typically cannot identify, let alone articulate their values.

Our attitudes, beliefs and values are dynamic, shifting and constantly being reprioritized to cope with the changing relationship we have with the world around us. The priority we assign to different values changes over time as we navigate our way through life based on aging, experience, changes in environment and/or circumstances. We rarely stay in one place for longer than 18 months and our values change along an identifiable framework that we move along both forward and backwards.

Market Evaluer is based on a system that measures 125 different values. People operate from a set of 10-15 of these values at any one time and, as a result, they can be placed in one of 20 different positions along the Market Evaluer Values Spectrum. These priority values from the screen through which people view the outside world; it is their filter for interpretation of external information. As a result, individuals with different values systems respond differently to the same messages or brand positioning.

For each point on the Market Evaluer Values Spectrum, a person's view of the world and values can be precisely defined and used to predict their view on work, education, religion, family, politics, leisure activity, money, material possessions and more. It explains the why behind their decision making. When you connect at an unconscious level with peoples' personal values framework, they cannot help but react and engage with a message or stimulus that fits their view of the world. Similarly, people immediately reject and/or ignore messages and stimuli that do not fit within their values.

Market Evaluer has harnessed the power of this advanced measurement system to explain the drivers of existing behaviors and predict likely behaviors given a set of circumstances in the context of marketing, communications planning and consumer research applications. Market Evaluer is a strong strategic tool to understand the present, model the future and engineer a plan for the change as it relates to any group of people.