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The Market Evaluer  Values Spectrum - Explaining Attitudes Regarding Health and Wellness

Individuals with different values systems respond differently to the same messages or brand positioning. The Market Evaluer Values Spectrum is the screen through which they view the outside world; it is their filter for interpretation of external information. This example illustrates why different groups view health issues differently.

I should be healthy because my doctor tells me that I should be
I need to give my family healthy food so I can be seen as a good mother by the teachers at school
I need to look physically good to fit in with my friends because that is what all the magazines say

I want to be healthy physically, mentally and spiritually
I want to give my family food that is not processed and that is naturally grown to support ethical
    food production and ensure that the world is environmentally safe for my kids to enjoy
I want to be physically fit because a fit body is a key to having a healthy mind

  • There are different values in these two groups driving the common belief that it is good to be healthy
  • Understanding those values explain why people agree with the statement, "It is a good idea to live a healthy life" and is the key to engaging them with messages that are relevant.
  • Marketers need to speak to The Safe and Sound about health in the context of their strong desire to "do the right thing". They will typically not look behind information but rather accept messages from experts/authorities. They will do what they "should" do as they are externally driven.
  • Marketers need to speak to The Explorers about health in the context of integration/wholeness and how it helps them achieve self actualization. The Explorers control is internal and they will "want" to do things that advance their personal growth and meet their own personal needs.